A Few People Shots

I haven’t been able to go out and do much shooting of anything lately since Thanksgiving and I just started working again this week.  So, I went through some old folders and found a few people captures that I’ve taken a liking to.  Plus, it’s nice to get some decent looking stuff without going HDR.  So, here goes…

This first one was from a couple months ago when Jena and I went to the Greenway, sat out in the field, watched a movie on the laptop, and ate junk food.  🙂  This is Jena with one of her mini-cupcakes.

This next one is of Sammy and Kaisha, respectively; also taken out at the Greenway…just a lazy summer day.  There’s obviously some editing done on the first photo and I thought it looked kinda nifty to put up here.  I think on the second there was just some basic exposure and contrast adjustments made.



This last one is part of a ‘photoshoot’ I did for a friend, Brandon Ransbottom, from Wesley.  Brandon graduated from FSU’s Film School and is currently working on what I believe is his first feature length film, Curse of Good.   (Brandon is incredibly awesome and worthy of everyone’s support…so, check out the link to see what it’s all about and, if you’re able, a donation would be greatly appreciated.  Once I get my first paycheck later this week, I’ll be making one!)  The film’s protagonist is played by Matt Yeager, as seen in the photo below.  Brandon asked if I could help him by getting some shots to use in his promos and such.  I happily obliged even though I had never done anything like it before and was pretty nervous the whole time we were shooting.  We went down to Railroad Square and found some spots between the warehouses and buildings down there and got a few good shots.  I’m still flattered that I was asked to help him with something like this and it was really great working with both him and Matt; really easy-going and laid back guys.  If you stumble upon this post, Brandon, thanks again for the opportunity and best of luck with the film!

Just a couple filters used on this one and then sharpened a bit in Photoshop…

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