A 2010 Time Capsule

So, I just saw that a couple of the guys I follow have posted reflections of the past year in the form of some of their favorite captures; I don’t know either of these gentlemen, but you should check out Mr. Evan Gearing’s collection here and Mr. Van Sutherland’s here.  Try not to compare my work too closely to theirs or else you might just stop looking at all I have!  Anyway, this seemed like a really neat thing to do and put together and I’m looking forward to what my ‘Top 10’ will be next year.

In no particular order, here are some of my more favored shots since beginning my new life’s journey about 6 months ago.  By clicking on a photo, you’ll be taken to its respective page on the blog where you’ll find a little more information on it.

Since most of the posts have been from my trip to D.C. back during the 4th of July…I guess it would only be natural to have some here again…

The Artillery Group

OK, I kind of lied about these being in no particular order, because this first shot is probably my favorite.  I love the look of the horses…I just see a raw power emanating from them; a power coupled with an elegance of some sort.  I also like how the colors are soft and warm; not too overpowering.

United States Capitol Building

This one of the Capitol has to be thrown into the mix…not just because it’s the Nation’s Capitol, but because I feel this one came out really great; within the Top 5 of the Top 10.  I particularly enjoy how the columns of the building the clouds above turned out.

Heritage Fountain Tower at FSU

This is the most recent photo I’ve been able to take…work has consumed my life during this winter break and I’ve had no time (or energy when I did have time) to go out and shoot anything.  Anyway, I like how the colors mesh in this one and it just seems to glow.  I’m going to try and see about submitting it, and maybe a few others, to the people in charge of the art gallery in Strozier Library.


This was my first image with a decent bokeh…so, I’m thinking that alone makes it worthy of a spot.

Spirit of St. Louis

I like this one because it was one of the example shots in the Photographing Washington D.C. book that Jena got me.  Upon seeing how it turned out, I felt really encouraged and thought I might not be so bad at this picture taking thing.

Yellow Cab Co.

Though this particular image was HDR’d, it was also the first photo to come straight out of the camera looking great…at least in regards to color.  If I could go back and fix the composition a bit…I think I would.  I love the glossy look of the fenders and the shine on the chrome.

Reflecting Pool Fireworks

This was one of the most awe-inspiring events I can remember from this year; sitting in front of the Lincoln Memorial and watching the Independence Day celebration.  It was truly a sight and you could feel the patriotism in the air.  If you haven’t been to D.C. on the 4th of July, I would suggest putting it on your Bucket List.

The Castle

The Smithsonian Castle was my favorite building in D.C.  I’m pretty sure it can find a spot here.

The Rainbow Pool

I’ve gotten so many compliments on this one, it almost feels wrong not to put it up here.  This place just had an aura about it that I loved…I remember just sitting there for a bit after taking pictures and being so thankful for the things I’ve been blessed with.

Westcott Fountain

The first photo I ever sold to someone.  I think that’s reason enough to have it round out the Top 10.

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