The Junior Museum

A week or so ago Jena and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the Jr. Museum on the other side of town.  We hadn’t been there in several years and it was nice to get a chance to go back.  I forgot my tripod, which I had planned on bringing, so I’ll definitely be going back relatively soon.   There seems to be a lot of potential photo-ops of the old buildings they have there; school house, farm houses, etc.  Not to mention some of the animals as pictured below.  The small boardwalk over some of Lake Bradford that runs through the deer habitat was also quite inviting; especially for some HDR stuff.  None of the pictures in this post are HDR…just the image from the camera with some very minor adjustments and sharpening in CS5.

This first one is of a couple Brown-Nosed Coatis from South America (pronounced “Co-wa-tees” in the plural form as it’s written…”Coati” – singular).  One of my rather petty pet peeves is word/name pronunciation.  While I was taking pictures, every single person that walked by to look at these guys would say “Co-tiss” or some awkwardly-painful-to-hear form of it.  But, who am I to judge?  I was there to take pictures; not to be Chief of the Grammar Police.  This shot was taken through some glass.  You can see the glare at the top of the picture, but the polarizer I had seemed to do a decent job for the most part.

This next one is of a Gray Fox…there’s always one in this spot; usually sleeping like this one and soaking up some sun.

This last one was taken while standing on the walkway/bridge that goes through the outskirts of the deer habitat.  I’m not sure if any deer are visible through the trees in this one, but there were 4 does that we did see that day.  Usually there’s a stag or two; maybe they were napping like the fox above.  I really like this shot because of how calm the water was and how clear the reflections were from the trees.

As always, any comments/suggestions/etc. are appreciated.  Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

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