Happy Easter!

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve updated this thing.  So, as today is a very special day, I feel it only appropriate to take some time out of my day to post some stuff.  Today was our 3rd Annual EasterFest at the FSU Wesley Foundation.  The term was coined by a wonderful young man (well, he’s older than me…but, still young) by the name of Mike Saou.  The first year we had it at the Amphitheater in the middle of campus; the last two years have been at Wesley.  It’s really great seeing our typical crowds of 250-300 double on days like this.  Actually, we were probably closer to 700 or so today.  After the service, we all went outside to hang out, play around, eat, sing, dance, and help bag and pack about 25,200 meals to send to Burundi, Africa.  FSU partnered up with Change This World and, I believe, the Wesley Foundation kind of saw the whole thing through to its completion in the packaging of the meals today.

Vance baptizing Erik and Lori’s son, Wesley Jerome Seise

Jena’s in red, Zach H. with the sunglasses…I don’t know anyone else.  They were putting rice, protein, and vegetable blends in the bags that I would weigh out and pass on to the vacuum sealers.

Love this guy…Brandon Ransbottom…he was the head honcho in promoting and leading this for us at Wesley.

Boxes being wrapped up by Ben.

I like how this shot turned out.  But, yeah…photo pretty much speaks for itself.

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