Until Next Year – Pt. I

It’s been only a couple days since returning home from Orlando for the third time in just over 4 months.  Jena, Sammy, Kaisha, and myself left on Monday morning and began our trip with a stop at Bass Pro Shops upon our arrival in O-Town around noon.  I wish we had a store around here; even a Gander Mountain would be awesome.  I think if I ever won a shopping spree, I’d want it to be at a Bass Pro…I’d probably spend most of it on cookbooks…and a dehydrator so I’d be able to finally make my own jerky.  Then again, I’d need to go hunt more often.  I don’t think the squirrels around here would make much jerky.

Jena modeling a coon hat

Kaisha found an extremely large magnifying glass

Sammy and some hot sauce

After our Bass Pro Shop adventure, we stopped by Del Taco for lunch.  This was the place we were looking for last time we were there but found a Taco Bell instead.  Needless to say, this place was MUCH better; that is, we didn’t spend the rest of the day in pain.  I’d put up photos from lunch, but they’re rather embarrassing and probably not considered “flattering” by those in the shot…so, I’ll leave those out for now.

After lunch we went to the outlets for the afternoon so Jena could shop around at Victoria Secret and Gap.  While Jena spent most of her time actually looking and trying stuff on, I spent mine watching Sammy and Kaisha “trying stuff on” in the middle of the store.

I believe the North Face store was the last place we stopped at the outlets…this ‘jacket’ that Jena spotted was priced at around $75…marked down from $100.  It literally looked like a colored garbage bag and as if it would be torn apart if you just looked at it the wrong way.  I think the $1000 snow-suit they have there would be a better deal.

After the outlets, we headed to Downtown Disney.  Shopped around…looked around…same as usual.  They expanded the Lego store, I think; built some new stuff outside.  My favorite was of Prince Philip and the dragon from Sleeping Beauty.

Ended the night with Medieval Times

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