San Francisco

This post is arriving several months late, as will the next several to follow, and will therefore be rather broken and not as typically verbose as I’d like them to be.

We began our trip by driving to Jacksonville on a Friday and meeting my aunt and uncle for dinner at a restaurant right next to the hotel we were staying at for the night. We would’ve stayed with Jeanie and James, but they were a bit further away from the hotel than we thought appealing. Plus, they would’ve had to drive us there at 4:00am and neither of them is a morning person; especially Jeanie.

So, after a not-so-good-night’s sleep we all got up and trudged down the hallway to the elevator and headed downstairs to await the hotel’s complimentary airport shuttle service. After arriving at the airport and a quick check-in through security, we were on our way to San Francisco! After making a quick stop in Atlanta, of course…

We arrived in San Francisco at about 11am PST and hailed a taxi to take us to our hotel, The Westin on Market Street; right smack in the middle of downtown S.F. It was a cool 70 degrees and sunny for the first bit of the day…much nicer than the 100 degree weather from whence we’d come. By the time we had settled in and had time to venture out, it became a bit cloudy and noticeably cooler…

After making our way through Chinatown, we ended up down around The Wharf; where I grabbed a few of the photos that I thought stood out the most on the first day.

Seagull Landing

Sleepy Sea Lion

Gazing on Alcatraz

At least he’s honest…

Outside the Chinatown Kite Shop

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