Chicago – 8/8/12

Day 2 began at 5am for me. I went down to grab some early morning shots of The Bean.

I liked this first one until I got back to the room and realized I didn’t get quite low or close enough to block out the buildings that stick up over the top arch of The Bean…I went back the last day of the trip to try again…

The ‘omphalos’…or, as I like to call this one, ‘The Belly of The Bean’…

If you put Chicago in a snow globe, I suppose this is kind of how it would look. Well, a snow globe is what I think of when I look at this one…

This last one of The Bean is probably one of my favorites from the entire week…

I don’t do many black and whites, mainly because I don’t quite know how to make them look decent enough to share, but I feel these turned out alright. And The Bean actually seems to be a piece that makes it easy to do so.

I returned to the room and waited for Kaisha to wake up before we headed back down and across the street to purchase passes for the city bus tour. First stop was in front of The Art Institute of Chicago, which we walked directly past and toward Buckingham Fountain. Then it was on the bus again and off toward the Field Museum.

Found this creepy little guy in, what I believe was, the Ancient Americas exhibit…or something similar…

This next one, obviously, is found in the dinosaur exhibit…

We headed back to the hotel and got ready to meet up with Chris Smith from Out of Chicago. Chris, if you ever read this, thank you so much again for your generous amount of time and countless words of photographic wisdom; I literally have no other words to better express the gratitude.

In no particular order, here are a few shots inspired by Chris’s wise and guiding hand…

Trump Tower at Midnight

Trump Tower at Midnight

The Bean Revisited

Chicago (as seen from Shedd Aquarium)

Lower Wacker

Sunset Chicago (looking south from the Hancock)

North Ave. Beach from the Hancock at sunset

Nighttime Chicago

I sure hope these make him feel his time spent coaching me that evening was worth his while!

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