To New Beginnings…

Chris Smith (mentioned in the last post) encouraged me to keep my blog up-to-date with what I learn as I begin this new journey through the University of Florida’s journalism program. So, I’ll be doing my best to add some different things through the semester; things I feel worthy of sharing; things I find intriguing in and out of the classroom.

We’re also putting together our first project for my Visual Journalism class taught by Steve Johnson. We’re creating brands for ourselves and using WordPress to put together our sites/blogs. So, hopefully this one will become a bit more professional as the semester progresses. This last week we’ve been learning about typography; the use of fonts and colors and such.

In conjunction with this post, I’ll go ahead and add that I’m currently a photo stringer for The Independent Alligator. My first feature photo that made it online was from last Sunday at :08 for their 5th Annual AM/FM Music Festival.

Patrick Quinney, lead guitar and vocalist for Children’s Children, performs at :08 in downtown Gainesville during the AM/FM Music Festival on Sunday.

That’s all for tonight…I have to run to the store and then get some sleep. I’m going to Orlando tomorrow with some friends where I will hopefully be purchasing my Macbook. Woo!

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