Lola Loca

I just hit a milestone. This photo is my first front page feature that went with a print story in The Alligator. I know it’s only a kid grabbing a burrito from a campus food truck, but hey – it marks a first for me!

I ended up capturing this one between classes yesterday. I was out of History around 10:30 a.m. and was walking through the journalism building when I saw Aundre (one of The Alligator’s Photo Editors). He asked if I had time to go check out a new food truck that was supposed to be on campus and that the writer was already headed there. I had a couple hours before my next class to kill, so I took him up on the offer.

The truck was hidden away between Grinter Hall and the University Auditorium. I met up with Ashira, the hired writer, and talked with her while taking some shots whenever someone discovered people were selling delicious Mexican food out of the truck. Sidenote – I learned Ashira was also from Tallahassee!

Anyway, the moment you’ve been waiting for, unless you clicked the link in the first paragraph…

Stefan Wolff, a 20-year-old economics junior, grabs a pulled pork cubano candwich for lunch at the La Lola Loca food truck near the Plaza of the Americas on Tuesday.

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