Today’s assignment for The Alligator was the first I’ve had since the Childish show last week. After a rather crazy week it was a nice way to ease back into ‘work’.

It was during her time in middle school when Pam Maneeratana was instructed in Kae-Sa-Luk (the art of fruit and vegetable carving) by a teacher trained at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. It wasn’t until 1979 when Maneeratana moved to Tallahassee, Fla., and began carving professionally several years later.

Maneeratana has since moved to Gainesville where she and her family has been for just over 20 years. Today she stopped by the Alachua County Headquarters Library for a short demonstration – carving a couple of pumpkins for a few lucky onlookers.

Her dream is to one day carve the world’s largest pumpkin…

Kae-Sa-Luk Master Pam Maneeratana, 60, carves a pumpkin during a small demonstration at the Alachua County Headquarters Library on Saturday. Maneeratana was trained by an instructor from the Royal Palace in Thailand as a child and has been carving professionally for over 30 years.

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