The Baughman Center

(This post is coming straight from the blog I had to start for a class — a photo-tutorial type of thing)

When I discovered the Baughman Center several weeks ago, I knew I had to make my way over to grab some shots. I finally found the time to do so last weekend, unfortunately it was closed.

It appears I’ll have to try again sometime during the week as the weekends are apparently used for more private gatherings.

I really liked the lines and layers in this capture, so I figured I’d share it here…

For this shot I set up as low as the tripod I had on hand could manage — I’d like to try again from even lower. I set the aperture to 8.0 for a greater depth of field and played with the shutter speed until I got the in-camera image as close to what I wanted the final image to look like.

Editing for this one began in Lightroom where I adjusted the highlights, shadows, whites and blacks; added a bit of clarity; and turned up the vibrance just a touch. From Lightroom it went to Photoshop for some additional curves adjustment to brighten and darken certain areas of the image in an attempt to keep the attention in the correct spots.

From Photoshop it went back to Lightroom for a final crop before making its way onto this post!

  • Camera: Nikon D600
  • Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8
  • Shutter: 1/2 s
  • Aperture: f/8.0
  • ISO: 50
  • Tripod

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