Telling Stories Through Photographs

For our third project in Visual Journalism, we were presented with the challenge of writing an article but, more importantly, creating a photo essay to go along with it (as this was the photography section of the class).

“Storyshowing”, rather than storytelling, is what our instructor, Steve Johnson, called photojournalism. To tell a story without words is the mark of any good photographer. I must admit that it’s a skill I’m still working on and the development of such was recently undertaken for a class photography project.

Anyway, this is what happened:

Logan Marconi is a third year graduate student at the University of Florida studying drawing and painting. His current theme of paintings illustrate, through library interiors, the artist’s view of the pursuit of knowledge and clarity while balancing the secular and spiritual aspects of the human condition.

These libraries, Logan said, are places of knowledge and science; the darkness is an uncertainty; and the encroaching light, possibly of a spiritual nature, a path to clarity and balance.

I didn’t go into this shoot thinking of any subsidiary themes to convey, but as I was getting closer to the end I thought to maybe mimic, through my photographs, the feel of Logan’s paintings. The last two photos here I think do that fairly well. The lighting was perfect and I was able to play with the shadows and the feel of uncertainty as I saw in Logan’s paintings.

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