Back to ‘Normal’

Whenever I try coming up with a word or two describing how my life has been since photographing the Te’o interview last week, I come up empty-handed. The amount of webs traffic Steve and I both received on our blogs, relative to our usual number of visitors and views, was unbelievable. To give some perspective, I received just over a 2,400 percent increase in views on Tuesday; Steve, probably somewhere near a 20,000 percent jump.

I’ve been featured in a couple local newspapers (actually had an interview for the Gainesville Sun earlier this afternoon) and have been the focal point of articles on websites from fellow photographers and bloggers, as well as making it to a featured page on Petapixel. I actually received an invite to be on a radio show in Tulsa. I was hoping to talk with the guys there, but due to some last minute craziness with school, I had to cancel right before I was to go on. To those at The Buzz, you once again have my apologies.

During the interview today for the Sun I was asked if I thought whether or not this would be my 15 minutes of fame or if I’d be trying to stay in the spotlight a bit more. I said I was totally fine if this is my 15 minutes; it’s been enough to last a very long time. I’m more than okay with going back to my regular routine and shooting smaller stuff for the time being. I actually have a UF lacrosse match to shoot tonight; but that’s not to say I’ll turn down something as interesting as the Te’o shoot.

Now that I’m on ESPN’s rolodex, we’ll see what happens. This is my busiest and, arguably, most important semester I have over the next year that will be spent at UF; I just hope balancing any future work that may come with my schoolwork will be easier than I’m thinking it might be.

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